Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Moving Forward Together


At VIP Transport, we’ve been everywhere. So we’d like to say we’re from everywhere, too.

With teams and drivers across the nation, our focus is on creating an inclusive culture that welcomes each and every individual. As a women-owned company, we strive to show our employees how much they are valued, appreciated, and free to be who they are - and this makes our company stronger.

We are all about moving, and we are always seeking to move toward a diverse, equal, and brighter future.


As transportation has typically been a male-dominated industry, we are proud to have an organization that provides equal opportunities to women. At our companies, many of our leadership and management positions are successfully held by women.  It is also a priority to us that all of our team members, regardless of gender or race, feel supported, accepted, and respected in our organization.

Brittany Johnson - President, VIP Transport Inc.