Our Core Values, Vision and Mission

Since 1982, VIP Transport's values have guided the company into what it is today. Our core values are what makes us unique, drive our culture, and make a difference in the way we do business and serve our customers.


Create value

From the first "hello" to the last "you're welcome" every person should be made to feel special. We love to solve a new problem or offer a new solution that creates value for our customers and the partners we serve. Whether we're driving for you or simply answering your phone call, we go the extra mile and strive to make a difference.


Earn trust

Our greatest achievement is earning the trust of our customers and partners. Whether we're transporting personal items or a priceless exhibit, our clients are putting their precious cargo in our care. We take that seriously. We operate with integrity, push to overcome obstacles, and will deliver results each and every time.


Be creative

We never give up on seeking creative ways to solve tough problems. Creativity has made us agile, smart, and easy to do business with. We are the bringers of new ideas, new service options, and different ways of doing things. That all comes from letting our creativity flow.


Build relationships

Who we work with is our world, and we want to connect with everyone we come into contact with. We couldn't do our best without our relationships, or without each other. We seek to connect with those around us in order to drive success.


Put safety first

We have trucks. We move a lot. Every precaution, every rule, and every step in prevention is critical. We are focused on delivering the highest standard of service for the safety of our drivers, teams, and our customers.


Take ownership

Yes, you can hold us accountable. And when we're the ones being held responsible for exceptional results, well, we'll take it. Got an idea that can make us better? We want to hear it. 


We aim to be our customers single source provider of logistics, moving, and specialized services, offering smart, creative and trusted transportation solutions for the safest deliveries of products and goods.


From a simple move to highly specialized logistics services, our mission is to make life easier and help you work smarter.


VIP values are the core of our business. From creativity to building value and putting safety first, our values are the foundation of our decisions and daily actions.