Our Story

From a trailer, few trucks, and a creative spirit, VIP was the start of something special.

VIP's story begins with a college student, studying for his Master's Degree in Psychology. While taking classes in the evening, Dan Griffiths also worked at a local moving and storage company during the day.

During his time here, he handled the local and long distance operations in addition to assisting the company with building their fleet. Dan thrived on solving problems and creating solutions for customers who did not always have standard moving requirements. His passion for assisting customers helped grow new opportunities and solve tricky transportation problems.


Unfortunately, Dan was in a serious accident. His recovery kept him away from work for six months. When he was fully recovered, he set out to start his own company, and fuel his passion for creating transportation solutions.

Dan borrowed money from a friend and family, and was able to buy a trailer and a couple of trucks in Long Beach. Family helped support the operation, and although it was small, VIP was the start of something special. Dan knew that each time a customer made a request, the first step was to creatively tackle the challenge from every angle and provide a unique solution.


As a result of this, VIP won their first major account, transporting systems for the U.S. Postal Service. The oversized sorters took up three truckloads to move one machine. The company began to grow, never forgetting that first principle: creative problem solving will go a long way.

In 1984, VIP's client Hitachi Data Systems approached VIP with shipments that needed to be transported in temperature controlled environments. At the time, there were no options for customers looking to move their items this way. But with that clever and creative spirit, Dan and the team set to work. They created customized trailers with climate units and became known in the industry as a very specialized carrier. VIP went on to support highly specialized companies like NASA, transporting payloads and components.


In 1986, VIP established itself in Jessup, Maryland. This was another creative solution to a problem - they could now support East Coast operations for its customers, and create backhaul solutions for VIP's growing fleet.

In 1990, the University of California approached VIP about a unique transportation request. Until then, laboratory specimens could only be transported using dry ice, an unstable method often resulting in loss of part of the research. VIP configured a customized trailer that allowed a freezer to remain operational and under power in transit, eliminating the need for dry ice.


The company continued to bloom, focusing on solutions and building relationships with customers. They transported many specialized customers, but also focused on moving household goods for personal moves or for corporate locations.

In 1992, VIP was approached by the LA Lakers for an opportunity with the team and the Forum. This opportunity evolved into providing moves for the coaching staff and players, which then blossomed into moving the LA Kings hockey team since they shared the same building. VIP continues to move the LA Kings, Anaheim Ducks and many other professional sports teams.


In 2007, Laurie Griffiths, CEO, and Brittany Johnson, President, assumed responsibility of VIP. Since then, the company has acquired ten other agencies across California and Nevada.

In 2011, VIP Transport was named a Certified Women Owned Enterprise.


Although Dan works remotely these days, he continues to serve as VIP's chairman, doing what he loves; guiding operations and the fleet with creative problem solving and instinct. The VIP team operates with the same passion and care for the customer that VIP started with. Now a multi-million dollar transportation company, VIP preserves its roots as a family business, treating each and every client with the personal touch you could only get from a small company.