Important Move Info & FAQs


There's a lot going on before you move. Below are some important facts and common questions to help you along the way.


The two most important items to verify before your move;

  • Verify your cell number with your move coordinator and the best way to reach you, this is very important for loading and delivery. We can text too!
  • Verify your estimate for accuracy. Estimates must be finalized 3-business days prior to the first day of your scheduled services. This will prevent service issues on moving day and allow us to properly plan your move.
When do I pay for my move and what forms of payments do you accept?
You can pay by any method below, please note that payment must be made prior to delivery.
    • Credit card*: Credit cards are pre-authorized up to 72-Hours prior to load and processed once loading is complete while the goods are in transit.
    • Cashier’s checks and cash: Make payments out to Mayflower Transit / United Van Lines. Check or cash must be handed to delivering driver before they will unload your goods. We do not accept personal checks. 
Please be advised that drivers are not authorized to accept credit cards on-site. All credit card payments should be made through your move portal or with your coordinator.
What if I want to make changes to my estimate?

Please provide any changes to your estimate at least 3 business days prior to packing or loading.  This will prevent issues on packing and loading day as it allows us to properly plan and ensure we bring out the necessary materials and labor for your shipment.  Please contact your move coordinator or your sales representative directly for all changes to your move

It is also very important to contact us for the following changes:

You have not completed your packing or you have packed items that we were supposed to pack for you.

You are adding or removing items from your cube sheet

Your destination location will not be ready in time to receive your goods on the first day of the delivery spread.

When will I know when the movers will arrive?

We will be able to provide the arrival time of your crew the business day prior to packing or loading. Your driver or move coordinator will update you on your delivery time once your delivery date is confirmed. 

What if I am not ready to move?

It is very important that you are ready on each day of service. Any delays that prevent the crew from packing or loading goods could result in additional charges.  Please contact the office right away if you have any unforeseen delays so we can see how to best accommodate you.

Will my goods be loaded in the same truck they will be delivered in?

We will make every attempt to load directly on the assigned van operator’s vehicle on the day of loading or in containers on-site when applicable. In the event this is not an option for any circumstance (driver breakdown, delay, acts of god, no truck available, etc.), our local agency reserves the right to pick up your shipment on a local truck and transfer/hold until a van operator is available for pick-up. This will ensure your goods are moved out as promised. All belongings will be handled with the same level of care.


What about my jewelry and valuables?

Please be sure to remove any valuables including jewelry or important documents and take them with you to your final destination. Please also see the Non-Allowable List for more information  

Can I plan to fly out on the day of my move?

It is strongly recommended that all travel plans, last-minute appointments, and cleaning services be scheduled for after your load date. Moving day can be an all-day event, and it is best to plan accordingly. You must be present during the move, this will also allow the driver and crew to ask any important questions about your items.

What if I cannot be there for my move?

If you cannot be present on load or delivery day, you may appoint someone to be there and sign paperwork on your behalf. Please note this individual will be responsible for making all your decisions on move day/ or delivery. We strongly advise that you are present to prevent any issues or miscommunication.

If you cannot be present during delivery, please provide your designated person guidance on where all items are to be placed.  In the event you would like them moved again, we can coordinate this but at an additional cost.

Can I fly to my new destination a few days after my delivery spread begins, is that ok?

You must be available to accept your goods for the entire spread of your delivery as listed on your moving documents.  In the event you are not available, your goods could be delivered into storage at our local agency which would create additional charges.  We will not know the exact delivery date until it gets closer to your spread or even after loading.  We know how important the delivery date is to you for planning, your move coordinator will update you accordingly as information is made available!

What if I don't have my delivery address?

If you do not have a confirmed delivery address, please let us know at your earliest convenience to avoid any additional costs.

What if my delivery address changes?

If your shipment delivery address changes en route, additional charges may apply. 

Please note that delivery to a self-storage facility will result in additional fees if not already discussed.


Important Valuation and Inventory of your goods


Can I change my valuation after the driver loads?

Your selected valuation amount is listed in your move documents. Any changes must be made prior to your packing or loading date.

For more information on valuation, click here > Valuation.

What is the high-value inventory?

If you have selected Full Value Coverage, you will be asked to complete a High-Value Inventory if you have items in excess of $100.00 per pound. These include items such as designer purses, shoes, artwork, antiques, etc. If this is not completed or included, this could result in partial denial of any claim for loss or damage pertaining to these items.

How do you keep track of all of my items?

If we are packing any items in your shipment, your crew will prepare an inventory of your items. Your loading crew will also prepare an inventory of all items to be moved. This will be part of the paperwork that you will be required to sign on loading day.   

Please keep this for your copies, as you will need these documents at delivery.

How do I know that I received all of my items?

You will have the opportunity to check off your inventory as the items are unloaded from the moving van. It is important that you take the time to do this, as it ensures that you have received all your items. 

Please be advised that if you waive the right to check off the inventory and/or fail to note any missing items on the inventory at the time of delivery, any claim for missing items will be denied.

You should also note on the inventory any damage that you become aware of at the time of unloading. 


Questions During Your Move


Will you unpack anything at destination?

Unless otherwise discussed, the only unpacking included will be your mattress cartons. Please be sure to pay close attention to the unpacking included in your estimate.

What if something is broken or damaged?

In the unlikely event you experience loss or damage, please contact me as soon as possible. You have 9 months from the date of delivery to file a claim.  

If your delivery is into a self-storage unit, any loss or damage must be reported prior to the items being relocated from that unit or your claim will be denied. 

Do not dispose of any damaged items or cartons, as this can result in the denial of your claim. 

What if my goods are late?

In the event there is an unforeseen delay in delivering your goods, you will be entitled to a $100.00 per day delay claim per Mayflower and United's tariff, for each day we are late past the last day of your delivery spread.  Please contact your move coordinator for more information.


Important links and moving tips


Important links and moving tips

Our favorite tip is to get a good night’s sleep prior to your move!

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