Laboratory Relocation

Complete services to get your lab packed and delivered safely.

VIP Transport's Science and Medical division can provide complete laboratory packing and transportation services for the relocation of your facility, hospital, laboratory or institution. With out generator powered trailers, freezers, Ultralows and refrigerators, specimens and biological research can all be transported under power, keeping their integrity and providing the safest solution during transit. VIP Transport can also transport your entire laboratory and office with the freezers, resulting in a cost-savings for your relocation.

As a specialized carrier for over 30 years, VIP's certified HAZMAT team can provide the most experienced relocation for sensitive and high-value laboratory equipment, as well as providing the most protective method for transporting frozen biological research. Our generator powered trailers are also equipped with climatic units so Ultra-lows, -80°C, -70°C, -20°C freezers and 4°C refrigerators are relocated in the most protective environment.


Service Capabilities

  • Dual driver teams available for expedited service and 24-hour protection in route
  • Exclusive use
  • HAZMAT certified drivers, operation personnel and staff
  • Chemical packing and transportation
  • Relocation of biological specimens
  • Complete laboratory relocation services of freezer only
  • Certified chemical consultant
  • Complete relocation and packing of laboratory equipment
  • Relocation of liquid nitrogen containers
  • Experienced in handling sensitive, high-value medical equipment including microscopes, cryostats instruments, mass spectrometer instruments, and bio safety hoods

My lab move was so wonderful! Most helpful move I have ever had. It is such a boom to scientists.

Dr. Rachel Neve, PhD - Harvard University

This lab, like many others, represents years and years of work. it is vital to the quest of scientific discovery that the technology is available to relocate a lab without a disruption.

Dr. Alain Stintzi -  Oklahoma State University

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