Top 4 Reasons Why People are Moving to Idaho

Idaho, a state known for fragrant, towering pines, soaring mountains, and, of course, delicious potatoes. Each year, over 13 billion pounds of these starchy tubers are harvested here.

Boise, Idaho’s largest city and the state capital, is a vast and incredibly scenic place often called the “City of Trees.” It boasts numerous parks, including the Boise River Greenbelt, a 25-mile tree-lined pathway along the Boise River, offering beautiful views, wildlife sightings, and access to riverside parks. The city also offers cultural attractions like the Boise Art Museum and its annual “Art in the Park” event.

Here are the top 4 reason why people want to move to Idaho:

  1. Family Living and Employment Opportunities

Moving to Idaho has its advantages, especially for families. The state has seen a decrease in overall crime rates, and median home prices are affordable, ranging from $150,000 to $350,000 in most areas. In April 2022, Idaho’s unemployment rate was nearly one percent lower than the national average, indicating promising job prospects.

2. Sight Seeing and Activities

Idaho offers unique experiences you can’t find elsewhere, such as Gravity Hill in Grangeville, where cars appear to roll uphill due to an optical illusion. Another optical phenomenon can be witnessed in Post Falls. For a natural wonder, visit Black Magic Canyon in Shoshone, a volcanic river canyon with striking rock formations.

For some quirky adventures, consider staying at Cottonwood’s Dog Bark Inn, a beagle-shaped B&B. In Idaho City, explore the Sluice Box, an antique shop and historic landmark rumored to be haunted. Don’t miss the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, home to the largest potato crisp ever made, showcasing the history of potato farming. War history enthusiasts can visit the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, housing artifacts from WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, including rare fighter airplanes.

3. Delicious Eats in Idaho

Food in Idaho goes beyond potatoes; try finger steaks, deep-fried strips of steak served with French fries and dipping sauce. Morel mushrooms, known for their unique appearance and flavor, are abundant for foragers. For a slice of pie, head to Blue Ribbon Café & Bakery, offering country fried steak and sweet treats. Emmett is known for its excellent produce, while Ketchum’s Pioneer Saloon serves the famous Jim Spud, a massive baked potato with teriyaki beef.

4. Weather in Idaho

Idaho experiences all four seasons, with varying conditions due to its diverse geography. Summers are generally warm and sunny, especially at lower elevations. Winters see abundant snowfall in the mountains, with some regions receiving up to 500 inches annually. Thunderstorms, hailstorms, and wildfires are seasonal concerns, but temperatures rarely exceed 100°F in the summer, and seldom drop below 0°F for extended periods in the winter.

Moving With VIP Transport

Whether you’re moving to Idaho or just passing through, the state offers diverse experiences and natural beauty that will leave a lasting impression.

If you’re planning a move to Idaho, VIP Transport can assist you with your relocation. We offer full-service moving to cater to your needs and provide helpful resources for planning and preparing for your move.