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Kenny Irwin Jr
Kenny Irwin, Jr, is a well-known artist who uses his Palm Desert back yard as a private sculpture garden populated by pastel robots made from materials donated by friends and neighbors. Kenny began creating artwork at the age of 5 years old and by the age of 12, created his first robot themed light show, RoboLights, which he has been creating for the past 22 years. RoboLights is a massive whimsical futuristic winter wonderland of lights combined with fantasy of imaginary and other worldy North Pole themes run by robots. Last year, 20,000 people visited the sprawling installation on his families Palm Desert property. It is Kenny’s indoor version of this that will be on display at the American Visionary Art Museum. His unique and imaginative sculpture entitled “Have Yourself a Happy Little Robotmas”, the current installation at the American Visionary Art Museum or AVAM in Baltimore, is an evocation of Irwin’s Christmas tradition of decorating his yard with literally millions of holiday lights. Mr. Irwin’s sculpture will be the centerpiece of the museum’s “Human, Soul and Machine: The Coming Singularity Exhibit, which explores man’s tenuous relationship with technology. This newest exhibition takes on it’s most complex subject yet: examining the rapid and ever-increasing impact of artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, genetics, 3D printing and Big Data on nearly every aspect of human life and is a hot-wired blend of art, science, humor, caution and hope.

VIP Transport is proud to have been chosen to transport Mr. Irwin’s exhibit from Palm Desert to its current location at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. VIP provided their specialized climate controlled moving van to provide the highest protection while transporting this valuable exhibit, which included mechanical materials along with the sensitive handling of moveable sculptural parts. In addition, VIP Transport’s VP of Fine Arts, Ed Noonan, personally oversaw the loading process in Palm Desert to view the careful handling of this unique exhibit, which is currently being displayed at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore through August 2014.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of AVAM Media, taken by Shawn Levin.

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